6 Highlights from our First Year

When we look back at the last 365 days, it feels like yesterday that we were hanging our first map & sanding our first coffee table. We have had such an insane year & we are so excited to be where we are today. Here's a little trip down memory lane in honour of our first anniversary.

Our first map

It's crazy to think that this entire business started with this one map. An big idea to spruce up our little apartment has now transformed into such a well oiled machine.

Our first customer shares

We've had a number of amazing customers over the last year & are always excited to see pictures of our pieces in their forever homes.

Our first craft market

In December we decided to take on the biggest project we'd ever encountered - a Christmas market. With 3 tables and about 10+ maps, we made our first appearance at the North Pole Expo & got a taste of what it is like to be part of the small business community. Within the first 2 hours we had sold all 3 tables & received a few custom orders! Such a great first experience.

Our first "real" home

Our little apartment was getting just too small for our growing business, so we decided to invest in some real estate. It took us a while but we made sure we had a little piece of our business throughout the entire house.

Our first collaboration

We knew we needed something special to add to our office - so we took our favourite set of words to live by & with the help of our friends at Tinybrook Co. we created our first collaboration piece.

Our anniversary

We are so thankful to all our followers and customers. The last year has been absolutely eye-opening & we are so proud to part of the small business community. Cheers to another amazing year!

- The Knot Specialists

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