We got our start in a small, one-bedroom apartment. Martine decided our walls looked too bare so after hours of getting lost in the black hole that is Pinterest, she asked James if he could make her a BIG world map. James, being as ambitious as he is, said of course & that's where it all began.

Since then, there have been a series of requests (all from Martine) for coffee tables, barn doors, and various other wood-related projects.

Every single room in our home has at least one of our projects & we are so excited to share them with other locals looking for rustic, handmade home decor.


Oh hi there! 

We are the knot specialists, but our friends prefer to call us James & Martine.

We are Brantford locals who specialize in custom wooden furniture. All products displayed in our store are handmade to order and can be uniquely customized to fit your design needs. 



Product Engineer.

The man with the plans, James develops the designs for each of our projects. From our regular items to custom projects, from conception to the final build, James makes sure it all happens smoothly.

Often covered in sawdust, James is constantly looking for new projects - so please feel free to send us custom inquiries - he'd love to help your vision come to life.



Chief of Marketing.

Chances are if you've 'liked' one of our Instagram posts or sent us an order through our website - you've chatted with Martine. The woman behind the emails, social media posts, website, and marketing materials. Realistically, she probably wrote this ;)

Other claims to fame are being covered in paint/stain & sawdust as she is often in charge of the finishing touches on projects.




Workshop Supervisor.

Oscar likes to run a very tight ship. He's in charge of making sure your orders get on our shop schedule & completed on time. Managing inventory & overall supervision of the work in the shop are his main priorities. He's not afraid to bark out orders if he notices things aren't running on schedule.



We absolutely love our map! It’s the focal point of our living room and something so different and unique. James was great to communicate with. Highly recommend The Knot Specialists!


Absolutely LOVE my world map. Will definitely be ordering more items here :)



The Knot Specialists have gone above and beyond on multiple occasions for me! They are flexible, talented and friendly. 
Their response time via messages or emails is quick. 
For a custom piece, they communicate along the way, sending updates, asking questions etc to make sure it is exactly what the customer wants. 

I highly recommend Martine and James for beautiful pieces that you dream up!


Returning customer? Share your experience!



I custom ordered a Harry Potter themed key hook from James and Martine (because it would take real life magic for me to ever know where they ended up) and I couldn't be happier. This is my third item I've gotten from the Knot Specialists, the first two being the blanket ladder and world map, and again my expectations were blown away. The love and care they put into all of their items both big and small is clearly seen in their attention to detail and beauty that shines through in all their projects. I can't wait to be able to buy everything that they make, and then be greedy and ask for more custom things! Thanks again guys for making my home just a little more perfect.



100% Yes Recommend! I loved dealing with The Knot Specialists! They were quick and efficient! Plus they made my custom shelf dreams come true ❤️😍amazing to deal with! 
Also, their scrabble tiles are amazing! 
Can’t wait to deal with them again soon!



I would absolutely recommend The Knot Specialists. I bought a blanket ladder and 2 floating shelves. I absolutely love both items. Beautifully made and amazing quality. Customer service is great; quick and so friendly. I can not wait to by somthing else they make real soon.